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Products & Services

Planning & Design

We use a team of highly qualified professionals and the benefit of the latest in CAD technology in conjunction with some of our leading manufacturers to ensure that our systems are designed for maximum practicality and efficiency, at minimum cost.


Using detailed system modelling, Wright Rain Environmental's installation teams are supervised by time served industry specialists. We have a wide range of site installation equipment, and our own mechanical and electrical assembly and manufacturing staff to try to avoid sub-contracting other than in the most specialist of applications on site.

Full Mechanical and Electrical Installation

Using detailed system modelling, Wright Rain Environmental's installation teams are supervised by time served industry specialists. We have a wide range of site installation equipment, and our own mechanical and electrical assembly and manufacturing staff to try to avoid sub-contracting other than in the most specialist of applications on site.

Maintenance – Emergency break-down and Contracts

Whether it be servicing or breakdown, our service crews can be with you quickly and will ensure that your system downtime is kept to the absolute minimum. With skilled service engineers and back-up from the design and supervision teams, we can cover mechanical and electrical call-outs on a one-off basis or as part of an on-going customer support package or maintenance contract designed to suit the client.

System Commissioning and on-site Training

As part of the hand-over of our installations and for re-commissioning old systems after changes of ownership or staff, Wright Rain Environmental offer a full commissioning service and operator training package where necessary, to ensure longevity of the system and reduction of down-time caused by operator errors. The commissioning and training is carried out by a combination of our commissioning and design staff.

Dust Suppression - Click here to see our Video on Dust Suppression

Wright Rain Environmental manufacture, supply and install a full range of traditional and innovative new dust suppression systems based on many years of experience and incorporating new research carried out thought the World.

Wright Rain Environmental have a vast range of existing customers covering a wide range of applications and equipment installed. These systems include spray nozzles producing low micron droplets from, high pressure, compressed air/water mix, centrifugal generation and micro nozzle for airbourne and respirable dust to bigger droplets from larger nozzles, sprinklers and rainguns for wetting the source of dust or adding moisture content.

Systems are designed to suit the application and have successfully been installed for many of the Ports and Docks around the UK, several coal fired Power Stations, most of the major aggregate companies thought the country and many wood and waste re-cycling sites.

Wright Rain Environmental's traditional systems of automated roadway sprinkler, larger units for yard areas and big raingun systems for stockpiles and greater distances of cover have been installed throughout the UK.

New developments have recently been made with large scale fan systems producing substantial columns of fine water droplets that can be directed around large work areas such as dock loading sites open cast mines and quarry operations can be effectively suppressed using the most recent technology for water droplet generation, fan efficiency, effective dust reduction and automation, giving the operator complete control over the project6.

Odour Control - Click here to see our leaflet

What comprises a Wright Rain Fog System?

  • Application design & specification
  • Range of pumping & automation packaged units. Stainless or aluminium framed & painted cabinets.
  • Electrical protection and automation to protect against low incoming pressure, thermal protection, electrical protection and remote control switch for external automation.
  • High quality & reliability ceramic piston pumps.
  • High pressure PE and stainless steel piping and manifolds with brass fittings.
  • Specialist high pressure, non-drip, nozzles. Brass & stainless steel
  • Water treatment, filtration, chemical dosing & ultra violet as required.
  • Disinfectants and odour control chemicals as required
  • Installation, commissioning & maintenance contracts
  • Control equipment designed to suit.
Typical Applications
  • Live Stock Production Units
  • Livestock feed distributors
  • Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Waste recycling buildings & yards
  • Landfill sites
  • Green waste composting sites
  • Mushroom producers
  • Abattoirs
  • Food processors
  • Plant production units
  • Specialist dust suppression
  • Factory exhausts
Bespoke Pumping Solutions - See our video on Pumping Solutions

Wright Rain Environmental design, supply and install both electric and diesel engine pump units throughout the UK and many other areas of the World from the Middle East to East and West Africa.

All of the major pump manufacturers products are incorporated in our designs to suit the site conditions and our design / installation staff's vast experience ensures that the most appropriate and efficient pumping systems are installed for long term reliability suited to the operating conditions. A site visit is usually required to establish the site requirements, equipment locations and power/water availability etc. and to propose the most suitable package for installation in existing buildings or new pump houses to suit the site.

We also install many Wright Rain Environmental Containerised Pumping Package which are pre-wired and plumbed ,with the pumps installed in a shipping container in our workshops for transport direct to site. This provides a cost effective solution to security and speed/efficiency of installation.

Electrical control equipment is designed to suit the specific application using inverters for accurate control and power saving or traditional starters which can link in with the sites overall computer operation system with sensors and external inputs to suit. Our sequencing controllers for timed applications and weather stations can be incorporated for dust and odour control applications.

See our leaflets for more about our pump systems

All Pipework Requirements - See our video on Pipework

The Wright Rain range of aluminium pipes and fittings are known all over the world for their superior quality and durability, and have become the industry standard for many applications. Their light weight, strength and corrosion resistance makes them ideally suited for portable irrigation systems.

The aluminium pipes are manufactured from the highest quality alloys which combine high corrosion resistance with a minimal denting factor. Cast aluminium female couplers are seam welded by the Argon Arc process to one end of the pipe and fitted with a high quality rubber seal prior to despatch. The male end of the pipe is rolled to provide a strong smooth spigot, to which the aluminium band and hook assembly can be fitted on delivery.

In addition to Mainline pipe for water transfer, the range includes Valved pipe with an integral hydrant outlet on the female end which incorporates lugs for attaching a stabilising batten. Valve elbows from the fittings range are used to connect the hydrant tops to branch lines, sprinkler laterals or hose-reel irrigation machines, and turn them on and off. Sprinkler pipes have a 1″BSPf outlet for fitting a sprinkler riser pipe on the female end with an apron that can be drilled for attachment of a stabilising batten if required. Apron pipe can be used between lengths of sprinkler pipes to increase the spacing between sprinklers.

The range of aluminium fittings also includes extended valve elbows for connecting to hydrant tops in chambers below ground level, 45° and 90° reversible bends, reversible side tees, end tees, reducers and increasers, end plugs, male and female couplers with hosetails, flanges or bare male and female couplers can be supplied as spare parts for self fabrication.

We supply and install all sizes of PVC, MDPE, stainless and steel piping to suit a wide range of pressures and have our own PE pipe welding equipment for site work and specialist steel, stainless and aluminium welding in our workshops.

Rainguns, Sprinklers & Sprays - See our video on Rain Water Recycling
Water Storage - Click here to see our video on Water Storage


  • Self contained portable dust suppression system
  • Site water movement
  • Pressure washing


  • Can be manufactured to suit customer's individual application requirements
  • Electric or petrol engine driven pumps
  • High pressure/volume pumping options
  • On road version with wheel brakes & lighting


2000 litre off road version

  • overall length: 3500mm
  • chassis width: 1300mm
  • width over wheels: 2060mm
  • overall height: 1800mm
  • tank length: 190mm
  • Weight less water: 750 kg
  • Gross weight: 2750 kg
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